What is Tshong Tshong Ma?

                                            What is Tshong Tshong Ma?

Logo explanationTshong Tshong Ma La is a mountain located at Trashigang Dzongkhag, Phongmey Gewog under Thongrung chiwog. Tshong Tshong ma means dirty water (Tshok Tshok Chu as per Tibetan context). It was believed that Guru Rinpochhe had a vision of Tshong Tshong Ma and Guru has instructed his disciples known as Gadhen Pung Nga to travel to different places to spread Buddhism and one of his disciple was instructed to go to Tshong Tshong Ma and when the disciple reached there, he finds that the mountain was worshipby the people of Trashigang and other people living nearby.

After reaching the La the disciple becomes the deity of the La. One day a nomadic group with cattle and sheep passes through the La and comes across Guru’s disciple residing there and the nomadic herders request the disciple to look after their cattle until they return from Tibet and the disciple agrees.

But, after few days of departure of the nomadic herders to Tibet for trade, the disciple finds that one of the cattle has died accidentally and he taste the meat of the dead 300-209?vce cattle for the first time and finds it very elusive and slowly he finishes the whole carcasses. When herders returns back from Tibet and finds one of their cattle missing and when asked the disciple refuses to know anything about it.

Starting from that day onward, the local people starts to lose cattle acheterdufrance.com frequently and after so much of 300-320?vce trouble, finally Guru Rinpoche through his other disciple known as Lopen Cheoze, subdues the deity. Thereafter peace, harmony and happiness was restored in Tshong Tshong Ma La and area nearby.

Logo Description

Logo explanation2

Earth (Green)Reinstates on a solid foundation and deep rooted values. Earth is considered the ultimate feminine element which gives life. it symbolizes that the company give eco-friendly service to the clients and the nation.

Fire (red) – Implies care, good service and the respect to the clients and the partners. Fire is connected strong will and energy for the company and its means it has great power to create strong relation.

water (Blue) It symbolizes that the company gives efficient service to the client. water relates the passion, emotion and the strong energy to generate force of quick and proactive approach.

Air (yellow) The space implies timeless and upholds the company’s vision and mission to excel in all their efforts. Air relates with communication, wisdom or the power of the mind which open the door to opportunities and development.

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